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Countdown to 2012: Day 13. The Paper (a story)

Since you all enjoyed Barrister Larry’s story last week, I’ve decided to post another, this time written by me.  This story grew out of an email conversation with Abel.  At the time, I’d offered it as a plot suggestion, but … Continue reading

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Winners & Losers

“How many?” I like to ask before he starts, like to know what I’m in for so that I can mentally prepare.  For the same reasons, he doesn’t like to tell me. “Until you cry.” His answer throws me off … Continue reading

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A glimpse

You lead me to the couch, my hand tucked in yours, my feet trailing behind as if I could somehow stop the inevitable.  No matter how I drag my feet, though, we get there soon enough.  Before I am ready … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

Since you were all so kind as to provide suggestions for my new rule (and Judy Verbena asked so politely), I figure it’s only fair to share the outcome with you. This whole rule idea was somewhat of a lark.  … Continue reading

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Broken rules, broken promises

I broke a rule today. Not on purpose, I didn’t even realize it at first. It was one of those little rules that almost exists only to be broken – that line you cross when you want to be in … Continue reading

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Starring role

In my fantasies I play a variety of roles and delight in stepping outside of the bounds of my normal experience. In real life, my spankings are more mundane, if such a thing can be said of spanking. I don’t … Continue reading

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our little secret

Between the two of us, Jack & I have quite a collection of implements, all of which are designed to inflict maximum pain. Since all of our spankings are disciplinary in nature, it can pretty much be assumed that whatever … Continue reading

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