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Countdown to 2012: Day 13. The Paper (a story)

Since you all enjoyed Barrister Larry’s story last week, I’ve decided to post another, this time written by me.  This story grew out of an email conversation with Abel.  At the time, I’d offered it as a plot suggestion, but … Continue reading

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Countdown to 2012, Day Six: The Holiday Party

Today’s post is a special treat,  a guest post by Barrister Larry!  It’s a great story and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Since it’s a bit different from my usual fare here, I’ll just mention … Continue reading

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Guest story by Insatiaboo: #tospankingin17words

Monday morning I woke up, and because I am addicted to the internet, immediately reached for my phone and checked my email.  What I found there was a delightful surprise – @insatiaboo had taken a twitter conversation from a few … Continue reading

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Finish this fantasy, a challenge by Hermione

Over on her blog a few days ago, Hermione posted the beginning of a fantasy and challenged her readers to finish it off. I took the liberty of swapping positions and so here is the original beginning reprinted from the … Continue reading

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