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Roll of the dice

Recently I was gifted a pair of spanking dice – two innocuous looking items in a cheery blue. One lists on its six sides a variety of implements: paddle, hand, cane, crop, tawse and brush. The other die a succession … Continue reading

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Chasing silence

This is the story of my last caning at Shadow Lane by the capable (and a bit gleeful) Mr. Allen: So far I had laughed, joked, and teased.  I’d played the troublemaker and the penitent.  Now I want something harder.  … Continue reading

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Welcome to Shadow Lane

In case you’re confused, I am not writing my Shadow Lane posts in order.  Chronologically this post covers the first day and night at Shadow Lane. By the time I arrived at the hotel for Shadow Lane on Friday I’d … Continue reading

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The fireman’s hairbrush (and other things…)

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Serenity and Chris online for what seems like quite a while now, and was so looking forward to meeting them both in person.  As it turns out, they were the first Shadow Lane attendees … Continue reading

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This is not a scene report…

I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts on the past weekend at Shadowlane into some semblance of order so that I may share them here with you.  They number too greatly to bundle together into one post, but the thread … Continue reading

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30 Weeks of Kink: Music (Week 9)

Week 9: Post a kink related song or music video you enjoy. So, technically this song is about a stalker, not kink.  But it’s a beautiful song and I’ve always been fond of the refrain. Possession by Sarah McLachlan:

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Winners & Losers

“How many?” I like to ask before he starts, like to know what I’m in for so that I can mentally prepare.  For the same reasons, he doesn’t like to tell me. “Until you cry.” His answer throws me off … Continue reading

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30 Weeks of Kink: The Toy Chest (Week 7)

Week 7: What’s your favorite toy? I posted this question to twitter this week and heard a few good responses: hand (does this count?), belt, cane.  Personally, I find it a little harder to pin down.  I don’t have an … Continue reading

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30 Weeks of Kink: First Time, revisted (Week 5)

Week 5: What was your first kinky experience?  The story of my first spanking has already been told on this blog, under the heading First Time’s a Charm. It was first posted in 2008, and I’ve reposted it here: We … Continue reading

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Learning my lesson

Author’s Note:  I wrote this post last night (this morning?) and published it at about 4 am.  This morning, I am less sure it was something to be shared.  When I write I generally give a piece time to settle … Continue reading

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