Welcome to Shadow Lane

In case you’re confused, I am not writing my Shadow Lane posts in order.  Chronologically this post covers the first day and night at Shadow Lane.

By the time I arrived at the hotel for Shadow Lane on Friday I’d been reading tweets from those who were already there all afternoon and was ready to join in.  I didn’t even bother to unpack before heading down to the newbie party, which was ending in about 15 minutes.

I had no idea what to expect, but figured I could at least meet a few people and get a feel for what the rest of the weekend might be like.  I was greeted at the door by Jersey John and took a few minutes to chat with me before taking me around to introduce me to the other attendees.  I was so nervous that when John asked right away if I was a top or bottom, I stammered out “top” first, then had to laugh and correct myself.  Off to a good start, Em.

Next up, I picked Judy up at her room and we headed up to meet Indy in her suite.  It took a couple of minutes after we knocked for the door to be opened by a disheveled looking Indy flanked by Mr. Allen who had been busy giving her a warm up spanking before we’d interruped.  For some reason she declined our invitation to continue once we’d all settled in.

After chatting for a little while and some “facilitation” on Indy‘s part, Mr. Allen agreed to give me my first Shadow Lane spanking, which was also incidentally, the first time I’d been spanked in about three years.  We started with me otk on the bed and him using his hand, just long enough to lull me back into the swing of things.  Next came the plimsoll (I think, but it’s equally as possible that was a totally different spanking) which was new and different.  Then there was a belt (strap?) over the end of the bed, which I think will always be my favorite sort of implement and position.  Last, but not least was the cane.  I’ve felt a cane before, but always wielded much more like a switch, so this was definitely a new experience.  He used a light cane, which was more sting than thud and left me intrigued and interested in trying more.  It was not a very hard spanking, in deference I’m sure to my near virgin skin, but I’ve always colored and marked ridiculously easily and by the end my bottom came close to resembling my bright red panties.  In fact, a recurring theme of the weekend seemed to be me assuring people that it looked worse than it felt.

Dinner and the vendor fair followed, and were notable only because this is when I finally got to meet Serenity, Chris, Lucy (and the rest of the Brits), and Bronte, plus her roommate SpankCake.  After dinner we headed back to Indy, Mija, and Paul‘s before moving along to the Brits’ suite for their Spank Olympics event.

Before going further, I feel I should mention that I am actually very shy in new situations and around people I don’t know.  I am much more likely to hang back and observe than to jump into the fray.  So you’ll understand that I was perhaps more surprised than anyone else when instead of ending up a spectator I found myself registered as a competitor.

I didn’t even have much time to settle into the idea as our team (composed of Mr. Allen, Judy, and myself) was selected to compete first after the opening ceremony (featuring a naked Caroline Grey in the role of virgin carrying the Olympic torch through the room).  Since we had the only three person team, Judy and I planned to switch off and I was taking the first event – sprinting – in which teams were competing to give 100 spanks in the fastest time.  So, for only my second spanking of the weekend I went over Mr. Allen’s lap in a room which had become decidedly more populated by total strangers than when we’d first arrived.  We came in last (surely more my fault than my partner’s), missing the top score by about 10 seconds.

Judy competed in the second event, dressage, which involved music and coordination.  Being a true friend, she agreed to take all such events, as I found them much more intimidating than simple paddlings & canings.  She also took the relay at the end, and I believe earned a medal for it.

My other two events were tennis and shooting.  Tennis had originally been described as a 5 minute paddling, with points being awarded for consistency and reaction.  Because a five minute paddling sounded not-so-fun, Judy & I had planned to split the event and each take half, but just before the event the Olympic committee reduced the time to two minutes, which seemed much more reasonable for me to do alone.  Mr. Allen held up his end of this event beautifully, but I’m afraid I faltered a bit on the reaction portion, as was pointed out by someone in the crowd during our “performance.”  I am not theatrical and tend more toward going quiet when being spanked, though someone else did kindly mention that I was laughing, and that should count as a reaction 😉

In shooting, last event, the teams were competing to land six strokes of a cane as close together as possible.  Again, we were up first, which in this case was probably a good thing.  If I’d had to watch everyone else be caned before hand I might have been a lot more nervous when my turn came.  For this event, as with tennis, a chair was pulled into the center of the room for us to bend over, and of course jeans and my much commented on argyle panties had to come down to make a proper target.  Since the winner would be decided by how close together the marks were, Mr. Allen took his time setting each one up, which gave me a bit of respite between each stroke.  All I had to do was try to stay still so as not to interfere with his excellent aim.

Now, if you read that last paragraph you may have considered how the judges would know which team put their strokes closest together.  You would be one step ahead of me on the night in question.  After the sixth stroke landed I prepared to get up and right my clothing, when Lucy’s voice rang out behind me to please stay in place for a moment while she took her measurements.  Being half naked in a room full of strangers is one thing while you’re being caned and your attention is obviously elsewhere.  It is entirely another when you’re suddenly the center of attention and a woman with the most proper sounding voice ever is approaching your behind with a ruler.  To be fair, it would have gone quicker had I been able to stop laughing, and Lucy was very nice about doing her best to measure around my giggles though she did eventually have to tell me to stay still. We won a silver medal for this event, being narrowly beat out by about 1/16 of an inch by Miss Chris and Jenni.

Overall the Olympics were a great deal of fun, and I especially loved watching the other teams compete, some of whom came up with fabulously inventive routines such as Zille in the dressage event, Amy Hunter and Caroline Grey, and a couple of other teams whose names I don’t know.

Though it was pretty late by now, my evening wasn’t over yet.  Bronte had arrived during dinner and come with us to the Spank Olympics event.  Like me she was new to Shadow Lane, but she also had the distinction of never having been spanked!  She’d arranged an introduction into our little world with Mr. Allen, who’d suggested she might feel more comfortable with a friend along.  I was nominated and, well… that will be story for another post.


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A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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11 Responses to Welcome to Shadow Lane

  1. Judy says:

    Is that *all?* 😉

    I’m exhausted just reading this! And smiling at the lovely memories.

    • Em says:

      Well, I left out the part where you threw a perfectly nice glass on the floor and glossed over your events a bit so you’ll have something to tell in your own blog post 😉

  2. Indy says:

    Hey! I really was facilitating with that first spanking! I had absolutely no idea you would be ready to play at all– much less so hard! Later, of course, I was tossing you under the bus. But only after I was convinced you wanted to be there!

  3. SpankCakes says:

    Hi Emma!

    I’m so happy to have found you here! It was do great meeting you at SL this year!


  4. Bronte says:

    I didn’t know that your 100 strokes competition was your second spanking of the day AND the first time you’d been spanked in 3 years! You deserved a gold for that and for pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to play in a room full of so many people. I couldn’t have done that.

    As someone who was also a bit shy – paralytically shy – about getting started, I agree that Indy was a marvelous facilitator. It seems we are all also on the same page that there is a difference between facilitating and bus-pushing-under. (Luckily for us, Indy seems to excel at both). Let’s give her a title. Facilitator-in-Chief? Head Facilitator? The Spanking Yenta!

    Can’t wait for the next part, Em! Be sure to cast yourself in the role of hero, the long-suffering hero, who gets spanked as a demonstration. “What’s that mean awful horrible looking instrument? Hit Em with that, please.”

    • Em says:

      You know you did get spanked in a room full of people more than once during the weekend, right?

      I’ll be sure to play up how I suffered on your behalf, no worries there. Though since I chose the meanest looking items myself, I’m not sure it’s an entirely fair description.

  5. Kaelah says:

    Thank you for sharing your SL experiences, Emma! It is always great to read about the events from so many different perspectives on the different blogs. It’s such a pity that Ludwig and I didn’t make it this year, it would have been nice to meet you. We went to SL last year, but Vegas isn’t exactly around the corner from where we live.

    And thank you very much for the link to Caroline Grey’s blog! I wasn’t aware that she has a new one. 🙂

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