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My Kinky Check List

This post is part two in the series: 30 weeks of kink.  Today’s question is: List your kinks. I’m cheating here, but this is the list as pulled from my Fetlife profile: Into: bare bottom spanking (receiving), bare handed spanking … Continue reading

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Bringing the Kink Back to This Kinky Life

To any of you still lurking around and possibly wondering if I have gone completely off the vanilla deep-end, thank you and not entirely. I’ve had the odd inspiration for topic-relevant posts, but each time I sit down to write … Continue reading

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Consensual Spanking Day

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that today is Consensual Spanking Day.  Even if you do live under a rock, it’s OK, now you know 🙂  I’ve seen a few posts on other blogs asking their … Continue reading

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Yes, another spanking meme

This set of spanking related questions made the rounds a number of months back. I have split the meme into five parts so as not to overwhelm you (I’m thoughtful like that) and will be posting them between other posts … Continue reading

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who am i?

I hope you don’t think this post will be an answer to the question in the subject. No, I’m afraid that’s a question I can’t entirely answer just yet. To be sure, I’d love to have it all figured out… … Continue reading

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