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Roll of the dice

Recently I was gifted a pair of spanking dice – two innocuous looking items in a cheery blue. One lists on its six sides a variety of implements: paddle, hand, cane, crop, tawse and brush. The other die a succession … Continue reading

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Countdown to 2012: Day 20. Happy Hanukkah.

In honor of the first night of Hanukkah, please enjoy this clip from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Christmas special: the Hanukkah Song. I’m getting ready to head home for the holidays. I hope whatever you celebrate you’ll enjoy your … Continue reading

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Countdown to 2012: Day 10. Secretly kinky gifts?

Last year I wrote this post about gift ideas with kinky messages that could be safely displayed in vanilla settings.  This year I’ve found more gifts to give to the kinky people in your life and again I’d like to … Continue reading

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A play in one act

What happens to naughty girls? We’re laying tangled on his bed, but he pulls his head back to look at me in that way that leaves me feeling like he can see straight through me. Nothing. I respond – half … Continue reading

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Hidden in plain sight

Every year about this time I get a lovely catalog from National Geographic filled with delightful items to tempt me during the holiday shopping season.  Flipping through the colorful pages last night, my eyes fell on this: Artists in Beijing … Continue reading

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Things I do not want for Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and I’ve been having great fun searching out the local stores for gift ideas for friends and family.  I do so love picking out just the right gift, one which will light a smile … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the US it is, of course, Thanksgiving.  A day to spend with friends and family, eating large quantities of turkey, stuffing, and pie, and giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives. I have so much to … Continue reading

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One Rule (updated)

Life has been hectic lately.  My work, which is always a source of stress to begin with, is in the midst of some major changes, bringing that level to near unbearable some days.  I’m feeling run down and exhausted, a … Continue reading

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Brats For Sale

I passed this sign on my way in to work this morning and just had to stop…

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A Secret Garden

I love my town’s botanical garden and visit frequently. So I was quite surprised the other day to discover what kinky inspiration had been sitting right under my nose all this time! ______________ Once upon a time there was a … Continue reading

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