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Countdown to 2012: Day 15. 30 Weeks of Kink: Week 8. 1,000 words.

It’s been a while since I posted a 30 weeks of kink post.  This week’s topic – to post a photo.  I’d been having a hard time finding just the right one, until I stumbled across this photograph on Abel’s … Continue reading

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30 Weeks of Kink: Music (Week 9)

Week 9: Post a kink related song or music video you enjoy. So, technically this song is about a stalker, not kink.  But it’s a beautiful song and I’ve always been fond of the refrain. Possession by Sarah McLachlan:

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30 Weeks of Kink: The Toy Chest (Week 7)

Week 7: What’s your favorite toy? I posted this question to twitter this week and heard a few good responses: hand (does this count?), belt, cane.  Personally, I find it a little harder to pin down.  I don’t have an … Continue reading

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30 Weeks of Kink: Sometimes a Fantasy… (Week 6)

Week 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting spanking fantasy. Last night I read a mystery in which a futuristic serial killer was targeting prostitutes.  It was light reading and just exactly what my mood called for.  Then, about half way in, … Continue reading

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30 Weeks of Kink: First Time, revisted (Week 5)

Week 5: What was your first kinky experience?  The story of my first spanking has already been told on this blog, under the heading First Time’s a Charm. It was first posted in 2008, and I’ve reposted it here: We … Continue reading

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30 Weeks of Kink: She’s a Very Kinky Girl (Week 4)

Week 4: Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks? My childhood was incredibly happy.  I really am quite lucky and appreciative for all of the opportunities I had, and those opportunities were due, in no small part, … Continue reading

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30 weeks of kink: discovering kink

Week 3: How did you discover you were kinky? My earliest childhood memories revolve around spanking.  I often can’t remember what I did yesterday, but these experiences apparently stuck because they burn bright in the otherwise dark recesses of my … Continue reading

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My Kinky Check List

This post is part two in the series: 30 weeks of kink.  Today’s question is: List your kinks. I’m cheating here, but this is the list as pulled from my Fetlife profile: Into: bare bottom spanking (receiving), bare handed spanking … Continue reading

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Bringing the Kink Back to This Kinky Life

To any of you still lurking around and possibly wondering if I have gone completely off the vanilla deep-end, thank you and not entirely. I’ve had the odd inspiration for topic-relevant posts, but each time I sit down to write … Continue reading

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