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Roll of the dice

Recently I was gifted a pair of spanking dice – two innocuous looking items in a cheery blue. One lists on its six sides a variety of implements: paddle, hand, cane, crop, tawse and brush. The other die a succession … Continue reading

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Welcome to Shadow Lane

In case you’re confused, I am not writing my Shadow Lane posts in order.  Chronologically this post covers the first day and night at Shadow Lane. By the time I arrived at the hotel for Shadow Lane on Friday I’d … Continue reading

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The fireman’s hairbrush (and other things…)

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Serenity and Chris online for what seems like quite a while now, and was so looking forward to meeting them both in person.  As it turns out, they were the first Shadow Lane attendees … Continue reading

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Countdown to 2012: Day 13. The Paper (a story)

Since you all enjoyed Barrister Larry’s story last week, I’ve decided to post another, this time written by me.  This story grew out of an email conversation with Abel.  At the time, I’d offered it as a plot suggestion, but … Continue reading

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Countdown to 2012: Day 11. Today’s perfect spanking.

Today’s post is inspired by Mija, who suggested the topic in response to my query on twitter for blog ideas.  I love the scope of this.  If someone asked me to describe my perfect spanking I wouldn’t know where to … Continue reading

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Winners & Losers

“How many?” I like to ask before he starts, like to know what I’m in for so that I can mentally prepare.  For the same reasons, he doesn’t like to tell me. “Until you cry.” His answer throws me off … Continue reading

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Head In the Clouds

We live in a plugged in world, connected 24/7 to a constant stream of other people’s thoughts, ideas, fantasies, and experiences. Mostly we consider this a good thing, but if we don’t take the time put our phones down and … Continue reading

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A play in one act

What happens to naughty girls? We’re laying tangled on his bed, but he pulls his head back to look at me in that way that leaves me feeling like he can see straight through me. Nothing. I respond – half … Continue reading

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A glimpse

You lead me to the couch, my hand tucked in yours, my feet trailing behind as if I could somehow stop the inevitable.  No matter how I drag my feet, though, we get there soon enough.  Before I am ready … Continue reading

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Sound off

For many people, spanking is as much an auditory experience as a physical one.  The crisp sound of smacks raining down on yielding flesh, soft murmurs and moans building in intensity to sharp pleas or tearful promises, the sigh of … Continue reading

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