The fireman’s hairbrush (and other things…)

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Serenity and Chris online for what seems like quite a while now, and was so looking forward to meeting them both in person.  As it turns out, they were the first Shadow Lane attendees I saw when I arrived at the hotel, though not the first I spoke to.  I was in line to check in and kept glancing at the couple ahead of me, thinking, “I bet that’s Serenity.”  I later discovered I had been right, but I didn’t say anything at the time because it seemed accosting strangers in line at the reservation desk was probably not the thing to do.

For as long as I’ve known them, I’ve also heard stories of Chris’ infamous hairbrush and been intrigued.  I’d somehow managed to make it this far without ever being spanked with one and it has always been on the top of list of things to try.  So, prior to the event I’d emailed back and forth a bit and let my interest be known.  Yes, it’s true, I have no sense of self preservation 😉

After a few days and a couple of DMs, Chris knocked on my door Monday afternoon with his bag of tricks.  I was pretty well bruised by then, and expecting to be more so after the evenings festivities, so I answered “yes” honestly when Chris asked if I was nervous.  His quick and easy “Good,” put me right at ease, though.  A moment later I was over his lap.

I know we talked a little in the beginning, but I don’t remember what was said… aside from his commenting that he couldn’t read my panties (I didn’t offer up that they said “sizzling,” apparently I occasionally know when to keep my mouth shut, and as he was busy pulling them down it didn’t seem necessary anyway).  Shortly after he’d picked up the hairbrush, though, my phone beeped and he looked down to see if I was tweeting.  I hadn’t been, the phone was sitting on the bedside table, but a minute later I couldn’t help but reach out and relay the conversation that came next:

“You’re not laughing”
“Do you want me to laugh?”
“It’s OK if you do.”

I may have taken some editorial liberty while typing the resulting tweet: “Firemn_Chris would like me to let you all know that I should be laughing at his spanking.  It is pretty funny.”

Maybe not the smartest thing to say while someone is holding a hairbrush.

After the brush, we both stood up and Chris selected a few more items from his bag, this time a strap, and a couple of non-wooden paddles (I think).  I honestly can’t remember what I was explaining was not my fault but eventually threw out the phrase “innocent until proven guilty, right?”  “No,” Chris explained, “not around here.  You’re surrounded by people who don’t believe in the fifth amendment of the constitution.”  I couldn’t help questioning, “We’re surrounded by republicans?”  For some reason I never got an answer, I think he was laughing too hard.

The last implement was surprisingly my favorite, though I’m sure it could have been used much more meanly than it was.  It was a long handled wooden oval paddle with diamond patterned rubber on one side.  Serenity posted a photo of it to twitter a while back, but I wasn’t able to find it just now when I looked.  Chris was using the wood side, while I was bent over the bed, and I honestly could have laid there forever, I felt so peaceful.  Of course I eventually had to wonder aloud if the other side would leave a diamond pattern if used.  Chris obligingly turned it over and smacked.  No pattern.  “I think you have to hit harder than that to see anything.”  Ouch.  Still no pattern.  It’s OK, the wood side was much nicer.

Chris turned the paddle back over and told me he was going to give me a couple more.  One.  Two.  Three.  I should probably have stood up quickly and said thank you.  Of course, being me what I said was “That wasn’t a couple.  You can’t count.”  Apparently Chris learns best by watching others, as he had me count out ten more to demonstrate.  I hope it helped him, though I’ve suggested he may want more practice 😉

And so, I can now cross the hairbrush (and quite a few other things) off my spanking to-do list, with the added bonus of meeting two wonderful people.


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A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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14 Responses to The fireman’s hairbrush (and other things…)

  1. quinn664 says:

    Oh, Em, it sounds like you had so much fun. I am pea green!

  2. I have to say, I didn’t see anyone else in line. I was too pissed off at the rude receptionist the first time I tried to check in, while Chris was parking the car. (Did you know, we were taking so long because the CC we used to make the stupid reservation in the first place was broken in two pieces by accident and couldn’t be run through the scanner?) Anyway, I was hot, grumpy, tired from being in the car for all hours, and not at my best. So I’m sorry if I was oblivious. 🙂

    And I think that remark about the Republicans was genius. The next time he tells me that the Constitution doesn’t apply to our relationship, I am so using that!


    • Em says:

      I had the benefit of having seen your hair and skirt in photos previously, there wouldn’t have been any way for you to recognize me. I had the same sort of problem checking in too, though my card was replaced by the bank, not broken in half.

      Oh, and you’re welcome to use the line about republicans, but I take no responsibility if it backfires 🙂

  3. Poppy St Vincent says:

    How perfect to meet with such lovely people and to be spanked with a hairbrush by a delicious fireman. I am very happy for you. 🙂
    I also love how cheeky you are- my very favorite kind of woman.

  4. Really enjoyed reading your blog post this morning. 🙂


  5. @HelloMrAllen says:

    What a lovely scene for you both. Thanks for sharing.
    Excellent that you and the hairbrush had a memorable meeting 😉

  6. tim says:

    Em glad you had a nice time ,love girls chat on spanking ,love and spanks,Timxx

  7. kaki says:

    Em, if you really, really like brushes now, you can have mine. 😉
    Happy to hear you had such a nice time.

    • Em says:

      I’m sure Charlie would think that a terrible idea, Kaki. In fact, just so he knows it wasn’t mine I should probably send him a spare brush. Then he can double brush like he double paddles 😉

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