Countdown to 2012: Day 18. Make your own naughty or nice christmas card

One of my holiday traditions each year is sitting down for an afternoon (or two) to make the cards I’ll send to friends and family across the country.  It would be far quicker to pick up a box at the nearest store, but I always enjoy adding the special little touches that make them unique and I hope the recipients appreciate the extra effort.

This year the names on my holiday card list include a few of the folks I’ve had the good fortune to get to know online through twitter and blogs.  As I sat down to make my cards I thought it would be fun to design a silly naughty or nice themed one, and with the permission of the card’s recipient I’m sharing it here with you:

The inside of the card sported spots for two stickers, one which read “naughty” and one which read “nice” along with instructions to select the sticker which best describes the card sender and affix it to the “reply card” on the front.  As you can see, the nice sticker has been selected, with only the naughty one still remaining.

This is what he saw when he opened the card, along with my personal holiday message.

The front of the card was designed to be a fill-in the blank style, which the recipient could fill out and send into Santa, making a report on the person who had sent the card.  Since I’m such a helpful girl, I took the liberty of filling out the card before sending.  I’m sure the recipient appreciated my attention to detail and efficiency*:

Naughty or nice christmas card

The front of the card. I'm sure Santa will take this to heart when picking out my presents this year.

* I sent this card to Dev who has indeed confirmed that he thinks I am a very good girl who deserves lots of lovely presents.  Well, the words he used might have been slightly different, but I’m sure that’s what he meant.


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A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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13 Responses to Countdown to 2012: Day 18. Make your own naughty or nice christmas card

  1. Barrister says:

    I don’t see the sticker for “exceptionally, outstandingly nice” which I need for my personal reminder to Santa about my behaviour this past year. Nor do I see the sticker for “exceedingly in need of a sound, bare-bottomed thrashing” which needs to be affixed to your reminder to Santa about your behaviour this past year. I’m sure this was merely an oversight which you will be correcting.

  2. Mindy says:

    I love this, Em! So this was what you meant when you said you had the letter to Santa covered! Ingenious!

  3. Em says:

    Barrister, I’m sure Santa would love to take your suggestions under advisement, however he automatically discounts the advice of anyone who adds unnecessary u’s into his conversation. Sorry! 😉

    Mindy, yes, I think it solved the issue quite nicely!

  4. Barrister says:

    Bu, Em, you seem to forget that Santa is Canadian. This from Wikipedia. “In 1907 Canada invoked a “sector principle” to claim sovereignty over a sector stretching from its coasts to the North Pole. The nearest permanently inhabited place is Alert in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada, which is located 817 km (508 mi) from the Pole.Canada Post has assigned postal code H0H 0H0 to the North Pole (referring to Santa’s traditional exclamation of “Ho ho ho!”)” You, therefore, are scuppered.


  5. Dev has confirmed nothing of the sort, missy! The very idea! I received that card and instantly went livid with righteous indignation. It’s a good job that the Glenlivet distillery still is in business, else I would be on a plane, and you would be getting a very strict pre-Christmas bundle-of-switches switching before you can say Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. And I’ll bet that will take some serious saying, if I’m any judge of moose flesh.

    So in other words, I don’t think so very much, young lady. Hmph!

    (And I expect that would be a rusty scupper as well, Larry.)

  6. Barrister says:

    From, ” rusty scupper
    The act of of putting a fish up your ass for sexual gratification.”. Is this what you meant, Dev?

    Just wondering.


  7. Kaki says:

    Em, those are great cards. After Dev’s comment I would reconsider sending him one. Of course I am not as naughty as you so I am sure he really would fill out my response as nice. 🙂

  8. Uh, no, Barrister. And I think the Urban Dictionary sometimes has it’s own cranium up its own rectum when it publishes these alleged definitions.

    Scuppers on ships usually are rusty because that’s where the salt water runs off the deck, and salt water is corrosive so it peels away the paint and opens the metal beneath to oxidation.

    It’s also a good name for a bar, and I got really drunk once at the Rusty Scupper in Juneau. Or maybe it was Dutch Harbor. Or possibly Santa Monica. You know drunken sailors. A good time is a good time, and a bar is a bar. (Montego Bay?)

    Kaki? YOU? Less naughty than Em? I don’t think so very much, missy. Hmph!

    • Barrister says:

      Well, if you want to get technical and accurate, ya, you’re right about “rusty scupper”, but as a lawyer, I don’t put much stock in accuracy or correctness. Oh, I’ve been to that bar, too. I think it was Key West. But maybe it was Point a Pitre. I wasn’t a sailor, but I sure was drunk.

  9. paul1510 says:

    you provide a laugh a second, with the help of your top commenter’s.
    Warm hugs, on occasion I also hand out a warm bum.

  10. Em says:

    Larry! I didn’t think this needed mentioning, but I guess it does. The only approved use for fish on this blog is sushi, or perhaps a nice seared tuna.

    Dev, I knew you’d come to your senses. You still have a ways to go, but I’ll take more good than Kaki for now.

    Kaki, I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you!

    Hi, Paul! If you’re looking for a bottom to warm, I’m sure Kaki’s is getting a little cool 😉

  11. Kaki says:

    Me not less naughty than Em! 😯 I wonder if Dev was visiting at the Rusty Scupper when he wrote that?
    I don’t think Christmas was the right time to remind Dev of my indiscretions of the past year.

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