Countdown to 2012: Day Nine. Seven things about me

Whew.  We’re eight days in to the countdown to 2012. Today’s blog idea comes courtesy of Indy over at Not So Submissive.  It originated as a meme, but I’m stripping out the tag-fellow-bloggers portion and just answering the question which is to reveal seven things about myself.

  1.  I attach a great deal of sentiment to traditions and routines and find it disturbing when they shift or go away.  This quirk is at odds with just about every other facet of my personality, so it makes for some interesting moments and a great deal of amusement for my friends and family.
  2. I went to college far away from home and flew back and forth during the holidays/breaks.  This was before 9/11 when people could still walk down to the concourse without a ticket to see their loved ones off.  One time my father dropped me off and once he was gone I settled in to wait for my plane while reading Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission.  A few minutes later my father reappeared behind me.  He’d returned to tell me something he’d forgotten.  He didn’t say anything about the book and I like to pretend he didn’t see it.  I’m pretty sure he did.
  3. I have no artistic ability.  I find people who can draw, paint, sing, dance, play instruments, write, etc., a bit breathtaking and awe inspiring.  If I could have a super-power I think I would like to be able to sing and dance.
  4. I’d like to be spanked in the woods.  Somewhere remote, where I could hear squirrels rustling about and birds singing in the trees.  I wonder what they’d think?
  5. I love to play games!  Card games, board games, ping pong, you name it, I’ll play it.  I’m also highly competitive and play to win, but have fun even if I lose.  There are certain games my friends will not play with me anymore, not because I’m a bad winner/loser, but because I always win.
  6. The places and people who have meant the most to me have not been home or family.  I have a good family and a good home, I don’t mean to discount them, but I also don’t apply value to people just because we are related by blood.  I’m getting to the age now, though, that I regret not having a stronger bond with some of my family.  I’m trying to build that with my grandfather now (he’s the only grandparent I have left), but time and distance make it difficult.
  7. I love to be handcuffed, but I can’t watch my hands being placed in them.  This simple act makes me shy and blushy, it always makes me look away.

In addition to Mija, who started the Advent blog idea, and myself, there are some other wonderful bloggers participating.  Here’s the whole list:

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About Em

A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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2 Responses to Countdown to 2012: Day Nine. Seven things about me

  1. Barrister says:

    1-3-4-5-6!!! These are the five of the seven items about you that are pretty much identical about me. Maybe we were separated at birth, Em. I really enjoyed reading these things about you. Thanks.

    • Em says:

      Thanks, Larry. I’ve met many people on twitter and in blogs that seem to share this kind of kinship – it’s wonderful having the opportunity to get to know them this way.

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