First Fantasies

Mija posted on her blog recently about her first spanking fantasies and asked her readers to share theirs.  My earliest spanking memories were more experiments than fantasies.  I think I was about three years old and had no concept yet of spanking but was discovering preferences that would grow into my love of spanking.  There was no fantasy or story built around these explorations, none of the mental constructions that are often prevalent in my kink now.  Those came a few years later as my world grew to encompass a framework in which kink-friendly inspiration was readily available.

Like many girls, I grew up on Laura Ingalls Wilder – both the books and the tv show.  I spent many hours spinning fantasies based on Laura’s life.  Many were innocent, revolving around life on the prairie in a time before electricity and other complications of modern life.  But others… well, Michael Landon as the strict but kind Pa featured prominently in a great number of them.  These fantasies weren’t about a father, but more the personalities he represented: fairness, calm, self-assurance, and disappointment tempered by love.  He was the practical embodiment of “this will hurt you more than it hurts me,” which I think appealed to me as shared suffering.  As an adult I can find the knowledge someone wants to, will even enjoy, hurting me incredibly powerful; but as a child I don’t think I was ready to explore my vulnerability in quite that way yet.

A few years later my family moved and I gained two adventurous girls as next door neighbors.  We were together night and day and I learned much of the art  of getting into and avoiding trouble at their side.  When it came to finding trouble they were experts and I loved hearing of their exploits almost as much as hearing about the inevitable repercussions thereof.  These were the first friends I’d had who were spanked, or perhaps the first to admit it, and I spent many hours throughout our childhood delicately encouraging them to share the sordid details without revealing my secret.  Inevitably it was worth it, and many fine fantasies grew out of the bits and pieces of their stories; though, again, the spanker in my fantasy was less a concrete person and more a series of characteristics.  That didn’t change until I entered a school with male teachers, who turned out to be the perfect fantasy spankers.

So that’s my story.  If you haven’t shared yours with Mija yet, what were your first fantasies?


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2 Responses to First Fantasies

  1. Mija says:

    As I said to Season, I don’t know how I ever could have forgotten the influence of the Little House books and TV show on my developing spanking fantasies. I’m glad I did though because your recounting reminded me so well — hit me in the pit of my stomach.

    I was spanked as a child but I confess to do doing the same as you — to gently urging friends to tell stories of their spankings and (blush) show me the things they were spanked with, so long as their parents weren’t home. I’m not sure if your experience was the same, but my memory is that it didn’t take a lot of urging. They wanted to talk about it.

    • Em says:

      I found they were often willing to offer up stories with little to no prodding. However the details they lingered on (daring acts before being caught, such as hiding all of their mother’s spanking implements, and their triumph at the conclusion of the spanking) were never the ones I wished for – i.e. the lurid details of the actual spanking. Perhaps for other kids that part wasn’t such a mystery, but being a child who wasn’t spanked it was to me.

      Thanks for the prompt to blog something 🙂

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