Head In the Clouds

We live in a plugged in world, connected 24/7 to a constant stream of other people’s thoughts, ideas, fantasies, and experiences. Mostly we consider this a good thing, but if we don’t take the time put our phones down and unplug our iPads or laptops we’re certainly missing out on the quiet introspection so necessary to cultivating our own fantasies.

Recently I hopped a flight westward to spend a week with family.  I’ve talked about flying on this blog once before, so you may remember that during that uninterrupted time in the air my mind is rife with naughty thoughts.  And what were they this time… ?

He’d informed me of the trip that morning as he loaded our bags into the waiting car.  I had no idea where we were heading, or even what was in my suitcase, as he’d packed it the night before while I slept, to keep from ruining the surprise.  I love surprises, really I do.  It’s just the waiting for them I’m not terribly good at.  The first few times I asked he laughed and patted my leg, admonishing me to be a good girl.  The fourth time, he kissed my lips slowly… sweetly, the taste of him lingering as he pulled away and, my chin held firmly in his hand, warned me that was ‘quite enough, young lady.’

I’d heard that tone of voice often enough to know he meant it and for a while we settled into silence, my head resting on his shoulder, the warmth of his body seeping into mine.  Minutes passed before I asked again, not even thinking, and this time he said only “Em.” That was more than enough.

It wasn’t more than another few minutes before the airport came into view.  He smiled at me as we boarded the plane,  but followed it quickly with a light tap to my bottom and instructions to take my seat and buckle up while he greeted the small flight crew and chatted with the pilot.  My ears burned when he casually mentioned my impending discipline, commenting laughingly that he hoped the pilot wouldn’t mind.  Not that it would be the first time this crew would hear or see me be spanked, of course.  They were all very well aware of our relationship, a fact which did not ease my mind as much as make me blush and stare into the carpet hoping a hole would open in the bottom of the plane and swallow me up.

He held my hand through the take-off while I stared out the window watching the ground blur and fade below.  Too soon, we had reached our cruising altitude and he waved off the flight crew’s offer of drinks then, barely waiting for them to step aside, unbuckled my lap belt and and tugged me easily over his knees.

I’ll leave you to guess what happened next 😉


About Em

A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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3 Responses to Head In the Clouds

  1. Karl Friedrich Gauss says:

    I heard a real life story about a romantically-minded man in Toronto who arranged with a local airline (I suspect it was Porter) to take his lady friend on a flight to New York blindfolded. Of course SHE didn’t know where she was going. Maybe she didn’t even realize that she was going on an airplane. If I remember right he picked her up after work, blindfolded her and bundled her into a cab to the airport.

    What’s interesting about the story, aside from the creativity of the guy and the trust shown by his lady, is that the airline folks were willing to play along with his little romantic game. In fact, from the story I read, I gather they got quite a kick out of it.

    If someone were to try this now in the U.S., the blindfolded young lady would have the added frisson of a TSA patdown — echoes of the hotel room scene from the movie “Nine and a Half Weeks”.

  2. Indy says:

    Let me guess: he surprises you by turning you over and pleasuring you orally?

    Oh, wait this is a spanking blog. Sorry, forgot! 😉

  3. Em says:

    Karl – Yes, I suspect this would be almost impossible in the current climate of airport security, although if one had enough money they could probably make it happen.

    Indy – That would be quite a surprise! 😉

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