A play in one act

What happens to naughty girls?

We’re laying tangled on his bed, but he pulls his head back to look at me in that way that leaves me feeling like he can see straight through me.


I respond – half a statement, half question.  100% hopeful, but not yet decided what I’m hoping for – a laugh and a cuddle or to be proven wrong.


You can almost hear his eyebrow shoot up.

What just happened to you, little girl?


I’m laughing now as I answer, a huge smile on my lips.  Maybe I can distract him… I snuggle closer to find out.

You weren’t just spanked?


I’m still flushed a warm pink under his hand, which is probing questioningly, but I’m pretty sure that if I shake my head emphatically enough it will be true.

I didn’t just turn you over…

He flips me onto my tummy to demonstrate as he speaks…

… and spank you?

His hand… the one that did just finish spanking me, is now resting none to gently on my bottom once again, his other arm pressing firmly on my back to keep me still as I start to squirm.


I’m still laughing.  Still a little bit sure I’ll win this game tonight.  The law of averages says I have to win sometime – right?

Oh.  I must have forgotten then.  Guess I’ll have to do that now.


I’m still surprised as his hand falls smartly across my skin, though you might think I shouldn’t be.

This seems familiar….

He shakes his head in a laughing sort of way.  I shake mine as a rebuttal, not quite ready to concede yet.  I will be soon, but by then it won’t matter.  By then he’ll be engrossed in his task again.  I’m a very lucky girl, who just got everything she hoped for.



About Em

A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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11 Responses to A play in one act

  1. Indy says:

    Oh, I love this snippet! I’m afraid I had a similar experience the other day when I waited until he was almost through with the OTK part to mention that I got a parking ticket. And forgot to pay it on time. Which he for some reason interpreted as a request to spank me much harder…

  2. Loki Renard says:

    This is so cute and I’m sure a scenario that has played out many, many times before. Nice piece, Emma! I love the way your writing is so often almost photographic in the way it captures moments in in time.

    • Em says:

      Many times, Loki. And that law of averages? Never seemed to work to my advantage. But of course I’d have been terribly disappointed if it had.

  3. Very well done, Em. I costarred in the off-off-off-Broadway production, as I believe many of us did. 😉

  4. Kaki says:

    Funny, Em. Been there, done it. 🙂

  5. scarlet says:

    Em, this is so sweetly written. This is the best part of ttwd, yes? Those warm, pink moments that bring us closer together.

  6. Poppy says:

    I understand this feeling and I love this post. Beautifully written and it made me smile. I want a memory like this.

  7. Em says:

    Dev – I hate to think what that audition must have been like 😉

    Kaki – It does seem to be something of a universal experience!

    Scarlet – Yes, these little moments always turn out to be the best ones.

    Poppy – I’m sure Dev will be happy to arrange one for you, it sounds like he’s had some experience 😉 Thanks!

  8. C says:

    I love this, Em. I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading it. And to be able to do that to me at 7 in the morning after 4 hours of sleep is quite impressive.

  9. Em says:

    C, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note 🙂

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