Sound off

For many people, spanking is as much an auditory experience as a physical one.  The crisp sound of smacks raining down on yielding flesh, soft murmurs and moans building in intensity to sharp pleas or tearful promises, the sigh of a belt being drawn loose, the swish of a cane, an indrawn breath, whispered threats.  A harmony of sounds that set the tone and mark the pace, that link the players in this duet.

I revel in these sounds… draw them in, and shiver in their wake.  I am not sure of the ones I contribute.  I cannot think to control them, to mold them as I would have them be uttered into the world.  They have a life and a mind of their own and often surprise me with their earnestness and power.

Those other sounds, the ones I do not make, can bolster or batter.  I am extremely sensitive to sound.  In my other life, I moderate it carefully.  Here, I cannot.  Here, I can only respond and react. In this elemental way I have surrendered to your orchestration; and every gasp and promise, every cry and silken moan, become your Muse.


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A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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11 Responses to Sound off

  1. You are 100% per cent right Emma. Spankings are just as enjoyable to the ear as to the sight. When I cane a naughty woman. I enjoy the swish of the pliable cane as it reigns down on the naughty woman, plus her “ouchs” of pain that she admits from her mouth. These enjoyable sounds are music to my ears. Of course the sight of her undergoing a good caning, while her bare bottom is encased in garter-belt and stockings. is most erotic to my eyes.

  2. Mija says:

    I definitely find the sound disturbing. I’m not sure how it adds to the experience but certainly heightens the pain. Some sounds, like a ping pong paddle or belt, cause a spanking to hurt more than the actual impact.

    When I’m feeling playful the noise is fun — and I love walking down the hallways at the Shadow Lane hotel and hearing spankings coming through every door. But when I’m a bit depressed or my nerves are somehow already jangling, the sound can be what unsettles me and brings me to tears.

    I haven’t read much about sound and how it works for people in spanking. Thanks for bringing it up!

  3. Em says:

    Hi, SOTB, glad to hear you enjoy listening to all the fuss 🙂

    Mija – This post actually started out as something different and ended up morphing into this. I was definitely thinking of how the sound of certain implements really affects my ability to process the physical sensations. My second least favorite paddle was one that wasn’t overwhelming in terms of the pain it created, but it was terribly loud. I could never take very much of it without becoming completely undone. Outside of spanking, noise when I’m not 100% leaves me feeling physically ill, so I don’t think this is something specific to kink for me.

  4. Poppy says:

    Beautifully written. I find the sounds of a spanking almost too much to bear. I cannot hear them without wanting to run and hide.

  5. scarlet says:

    Hi Em, I’ve never given a lot of thought to the sounds, as I am always paying very close attention to other things–like how it’s feeling! I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about anyone overhearing, as some people do, perhaps that’s why I haven’t thought about it much. I’m sure the sounds will be something I notice now…

  6. Em says:

    Poppy – I’m sure Dev would be happy to stop spanking you so you could run and hide. Oh, ok, maybe not 😉

    Scarlet – I’ve always lived in places where I had to give some consideration to sound traveling. Where I’m living now I can hear EVERY little sound from my neighbor! Actually, one of the reasons I preferred spending time at Jack’s place was that I didn’t have to worry who might overhear, so I could relax the part of my brain that was often consumed with worrying over who was hearing what.

    Although, actually, I also find that it is much harder to take a spanking when I am making more noise. If I can manage to hold myself quiet the whole thing is a lot easier. Once I reach the point that I can’t stay quiet anymore, it seems I experience it more acutely.

  7. Dave Wolfe says:

    Very nicely done, Em! A creative writing prof told us eager young minds a long time ago to remember all aspects of sensation when describing a scene, to make it really come alive; how much more there is to enjoy in actual experience when we pay attention!

  8. ^Mike says:

    I completely empathize with your sensitivity to sound, Em, and the importance of the auditory (and audio) component in making a spanking “real,” especially where video is concerned is a topic I’ve raised a number of times in comments on various blogs – only to see it apparently fall on deaf ears (pun intended). How many times has an otherwise excellent video scene been ruined by a hairbrush striking a bare bottom with sound of a hollow whiffleball bat, or what should be the crisp report of a bare hand on a bare bottom instead being a muffled thud? Say what you will about spankings in those old Hollywood “vanilla” movies, but at least they understood the importance of getting a spanking to sound like a spanking.

    Great to see you back to blogging, Em; you’ve been missed.

  9. Em says:

    Hi Dave! I wonder what your prof would have thought if s/he knew how his/her advice was being put to use 😉

    Mike – Nice to see you again! Glad you found my new home 🙂

  10. Indy says:

    What a beautifully written post!

    For some reason, this discussion reminds me of scenes in the Patrick O’Brian books (set British Navy during the Napoleonic period) in which the drummer is brought in to play loudly as teeth are extracted. The physician character in the book thinks his patients can withstand pain better if their auditory senses are overloaded in that way.

    I suppose it’s not the same thing when you don’t actually care who overhears you!

    • Em says:

      Thanks Indy! I wonder how sound not associated with the spanking (i.e. not me making noise, or the sound of the implement) would affect me – perhaps I should try blaring the radio or TV next time? It sounds like an experiment waiting to happen.

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