Things I do not want for Christmas

It’s that time of year again, and I’ve been having great fun searching out the local stores for gift ideas for friends and family.  I do so love picking out just the right gift, one which will light a smile across the face of the recipient and let them know I was thinking only of them.

Here are a few things I have come across recently, which I would *not* like for Christmas:

Massages are supposed to be relaxing.

Massages are lovely, but I will pass on this set. That spoon does not look pleasant at all.

Medieval kitchen torture device

According to the tag, this item is called "The Stirsby" and "is the kitchen's most versatile tool." Yes, it looks a little *too* versatile to me.


galangal root

I spied this at the local Asian market. You cannot get an idea of the size from this photo, but it is like a monster-sized ginger. I do not want this for obvious reasons.

Seven of the best

Seven of the best?? Wasn't six bad enough?

So, dear readers, what’s on YOUR kinky wish list?  Or un-wish-list, as the case may be?


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A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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6 Responses to Things I do not want for Christmas

  1. Very thoughtful, Em, only I’m not sure Santa has much patience with girls who are that picky. 😉

    • Em says:

      On the contrary, Santa appreciates our advice. He has so many good girls to shop for it would take him yonks (am I using that right?) without our help!

  2. Kate says:

    Em, can I just ask for a potential partner, so we can explore all of this together? Might be a bit much to ask, but if you are making a list, might as well go all out, lol. 😛

    As for my un-wish list, yesterday I was talking with a fellow spanko and whacked my leg with one of their new toys. It was like a heavy plastic/polymer spoon that stung and burned like heck. I still have a mark on my leg! I will put that at the top of my un-wish list! 😉

  3. Em says:

    Kate, please stay away from spoons. They are terribly evil! Also, why are you whacking yourself? Of course Santa will do his very best to find someone to do that for you 😉

    • Kate says:

      If Santa comes through, I will owe it to your blog Em!

      I normally would have never hit myself, but they were all ‘try it out and see how it feels.’ LOL, I was not expecting it to pack such a wallop. Perhaps spoons as a hard limit, especially that one? 😉

      • Em says:

        Just teasing, Kate, I hit myself with stuff all the time, but not hard enough to leave marks 😉 Actually, I think my co-workers thought I was a bit odd this summer when I’d walk around the office tapping my leg with a fly-swatter.

        Spoons are icky icky icky. Well… one spoon… which is the only one to have ever gotten close to me, and then only one time. But there are a lot of things I dislike more, so if I had to choose, I’d probably not write off spoons entirely just yet 😉

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