Brats For Sale

I passed this sign on my way in to work this morning and just had to stop…


About Em

A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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4 Responses to Brats For Sale

  1. Hermione says:

    Hi Emma,Are there Brat demonstrations going on? I mean, you wouldn't want to buy one that wasn't very good at it.Hugs,Hermione

  2. A.S.S. says:

    lol… what a deal! :)~Todd & Suzy

  3. Em says:

    Hermione – Yes, I imagine the discriminating shopper would want to be sure to get there early for best selection! Although, at that price I don't know what kind of quality these brats would be :)Todd & Suzy – Sure sounds like one! I wonder if brat collectors wait for these sales to stock up?

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