A Secret Garden

I love my town’s botanical garden and visit frequently. So I was quite surprised the other day to discover what kinky inspiration had been sitting right under my nose all this time!


Once upon a time there was a spoiled princess who lived in a big castle by the sea. The princess wasn’t a bad girl, but she could be very naughty when the mood struck, and she was known through the kingdom as the “royal pain*.”

One day, while wandering the castle grounds, the princess comes across a handsome prince.  The prince, a gallant sort, greets her and offeres to accompany her back to the castle as the forest can be a dangerous place.  Now, the princess is an independent sort, but our prince will hear nothing of her complaints or denials and soon the two are walking together back through the woods toward the castle.  It isn’t long before the princess slips into her bratting ways, and despite many warnings from the prince she continues to pester and prod until he has had enough!  He quickly flips the princess over his lap and applies his stinging palm to her wriggling bottom.

The princess is a very sorry girl when the spanking ends but the evil prince has other ways to ensure she behaves for the remainder of the trip… starting with ginger (poor girl!).

The young girl is now quite distraught, and both sets of cheeks are a bright blushing pink!

The two pass many miles in companionable silence.  Of course, she just can’t help herself from bratting, and gets herself in trouble again by calling the prince’s favorite implement “dumb.”

Unfortunately for her, there is a whole forest** of it growing outside the castle, and he canes her soundly until she recants!

And they lived happily ever after. The end 🙂

* Ok, I retouched this one photo, but that’s what I thought it said when I first read it!

** Seriously – who knew there was so much bamboo to be had in my little town??? Though clearly it is going to waste. Perhaps I should liberate it?


About Em

A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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2 Responses to A Secret Garden

  1. Princess says:

    I love this post! Using the plant pictures was an awesome idea! ❤

  2. Em says:

    Thanks Princess!

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