Yes, another spanking meme (part 2)

Here is the highly anticipated sequel to the spanking meme I started a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

11. Would you rather be spanked for the naughty things you have done or just because you enjoy the experience? I enjoy the experience of being spanked for the naughty things I have done 🙂

12. Would you rather be spanked with pants up/skirt down or pants down/skirt up? I like to be eased into a bare bottom spanking, going through all of the stages can draw out the suspense and the embarrassment so nicely. Often when I’m playing with someone for the first time I like to keep at least my panties firmly in place until we’ve gotten to know each other better.

13. Would you rather be spanked somewhat clothed or entirely naked? Somewhat clothed. It focuses the attention on my bottom, where it belongs 🙂

14. Would you rather your spanking be strictly disciplinarian or sexually attractive in nature?
A little of both. Even with my “just for fun” spankings, I enjoy the pretense of discipline. There’s something incredibly arousing about being a naughty little girl who is being taken in hand by a firm but kind disciplinarian. Mmmm!

15. Would you rather be spanked by a male or by a female? I’m pretty straight (ok, totally, hopelessly straight) and I’ve only ever been spanked by men. However lately I’ve been entertaining delightful fantasies of being spanked by a strict Aunt. So, who knows?

16. Would you rather be cuddled or scolded after your spanking? Scolded before, cuddled after. I have a very very hard time dealing with being scolded after a spanking. When the spanking is over I want to know that the slate (real or imaginary) is wiped clean, that I took my spanking well (or at least tried very hard to), and I’m a good girl.

17. Would you rather be spanked OTK or bent over a table/chair?
First one, then the other!

18. Would you rather your spanker have physical contact with you?
Yes. Especially during hard spankings or ones that are emotionally difficult for me, having that contact makes a huge difference in how I process the spanking.

19. Would you prefer to be spanked in the woods with a tree branch, bent over the hood of a car, or in a school with a ruler bent over the desk of your teacher/principal? Well, I’ve already been spanked over
the hood of a car, and it was delightful. I’d be up for trying the woods, depending on the area and as long as I was assured there would be no bugs feasting on my exposed flesh. But the school desk is such a strong fantasy, I think I have to choose that one.

20. Would you rather be a brat to your spanker to deserve a spanking or simply ask your spanker for a spanking because you know you needed it? I would rather ask, but at the same time I have a hard time getting up the nerve to ask for one. My shyness is not caused by nerves over the actual spanking that will ensue, but rather a concern (no matter how unfounded) that I’ll be rejected, or that someone will spank me because I asked, but not really want to. While I’ve been called bratty on more than one occasion, and probably will be again, I don’t care to overtly brat anyone, and actually get quite upset when I do. So, while I don’t mind being a bit of a smart-alec (and in fact can’t really help it), I’m not about to break out in hi-jinks no matter how much I might desire a spanking.


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A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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3 Responses to Yes, another spanking meme (part 2)

  1. Viola says:

    Oooh, interesting! I may have to steal this for my own blog if you don't mind!

  2. Anonymous says:

    11. Enjoy the experience, but need to invent some excuse for getting spanked.12. PU/SD,you don't feel a thing, unless it is a cane or similar on a very tight thin skirt. Bare bot is really the best.13. Not naked, prefer to feel my bare bottom showing between disarranged clothing.14. Sexually attractive, but see 11.15. Male.16. Cuddled17. Either, as long as my bottom is temptingly offered to my spanker.18. Agree19. Not school desk; in the woods, bent over a fallen tree, and some birch twigs swishing my bot. Car hood- might be a bit public, and also get my clothes dirty.20. Would never actually ask to be spanked, but prefer to play out a game, that leads to a spanking,allthough my spanker will probably know full well what I am up to !

  3. Em says:

    Viola – Thanks for "stealing" it! Of course, I stole it first, so I don't think it really counts as theft :)Anonymous – Thank you for sharing your answers! There's more to come, so stay tuned.

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