Consensual Spanking Day

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that today is Consensual Spanking Day.  Even if you do live under a rock, it’s OK, now you know 🙂  I’ve seen a few posts on other blogs asking their readers to comment on what part of consensual spanking has had the most positive effect on their lives.  So I thought about it… and thought some more… and came up, well, blank.

It’s not that I don’t love consensual spanking, or enjoy it in my life.  I do!  But here’s the thing: I can’t remember my life without at least the idea of spanking in it.  My very first childhood memory revolves around spanking.  My adolescent years were spent fantasizing about spanking in naughty delicious detail.  I had my first real spanking experience in college.  Practically all of my adult relationships have included spanking.  So – does it make me a better person?  How can I answer that when this is the only person I’ve ever been?  It’s great stress relief, sure, but so is a massage.  It’s fun too, but I also enjoy reading a good book or whipping someone in a game of cards.  Could I reduce spanking to that level?  No!  But there it was, all of the describable reasons that I love spanking could just as easily apply to other less enriching aspects of my life.

And then I realized the problem.  I was looking at this the wrong way.  I can’t describe how spanking has changed my life, because it hasn’t changed my life, it is my life.  So what am I really thankful for today, on Consensual Spanking Day?  I’m thankful for all of the external forces in my life that make it possible for me to enjoy spanking.

I am thankful:

  • To live in a country where I am free (mostly) to express myself and my sexuality.
  • To live in a time when I can walk into a bookstore and find a treasure trove of books to feed my spanking kink and imagination.
  • To live somewhere where I can take the internet and its ability to connect me with like-minded people across the globe for granted.
  • That I have a roof over my head, clean water to drink, food available on every corner. 
  • That I have access to state of the art health care (even though it may bankrupt me if I ever really need it).
  • That I am free from the threat of real violence.
  • To have friends who love me just the way I am, whether they know a little or a lot about my life behind the kinky curtain.

Because all of these basic needs are taken care of, I can indulge in the “frivolous” act of exploring/enjoying spanking in all of its wonderful, playful, intense, emotional, physical, amazing ways!  For that, I am truly thankful.

Because not everyone is as lucky as I am, I urge you to celebrate Consensual Spanking Day by giving back a little to those people still struggling to meet their basic needs.  Here are a few organizations I like, if you need some suggestions:

Thirst Relief International – More than 1.1 billion people in our world lack access to safe drinking water. A donation of just $5 gives a person access to clean drinking water for life.

Hero Rat – Landmines injure and kill civilians every day, long after conflicts have ended and exist as a barrier to development.  Almost 5,000 people die from tuberculosis daily, and many cases go undetected.  HeroRat trains rats to detect land mines and TB.

Kiva – Kiva connects you to entrepreneurs in under-developed areas across the globe to power microfinance loans.

Heifer International – Ending world hunger and poverty globally is a large feat but it’s not unrealistic. It takes each and every single one of us to do our part to be able to attain a world without poverty and hunger. Heifer’s simple yet powerful approach to lifting families out of hunger and poverty has been recognized worldwide.

And once you’ve done your good deed for the day, don’t forget to celebrate Consensual Spanking Day with a well-deserved good girl (or boy) spanking!


About Em

A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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2 Responses to Consensual Spanking Day

  1. A.S.S. says:

    Happy Consensual Spanking Day! Thanks for a wonderful idea on how to celebrate the day.:)~Todd & Suzy

  2. Em says:

    Todd & Suzy – I hope you celebrated in style! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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