Introducing Max

The thing about starting a blog which you may not think of at the time you’re starting is that in order to produce a consistently good blog you must consistently have something good to say and time in which to say it. Recently I have found myself lacking both.

Time particularly has been hard to come by lately. Any of you who have ever brought a puppy into your home will understand, I’m sure. A few months ago I was blessed with Max, a crazy yet equably lovable large breed puppy who has managed to worm his way into my home and heart. Just as surely as I adore him, he adores me, a feeling he expresses by being constantly stuck to my side when he’s not discovering new and exciting ways to destroy my every belonging. Among those belongings that have met a tragic end falling victim to Max’s puppy teeth was my internet cable. It’s just as well, since Max is terribly jealous of anything which takes my attention away from him so I’m actually more likely to get work (or blogging) done cozied up in a wifi enabled coffee house.

Like all of my other pets, Max seems to have no problem whatsoever with Jack spanking me. Jack says they agree I deserve it. I like to believe that they understand the subtle nuance of someone harming you and someone hurting you for pleasure. Apparently we humans understand the difference even more than you may have thought. According to new research, people experience more intense pain from the same sensation when they believe the person delivering the pain did so intentionally.

I wonder if the findings would be reversed when looking at consensual spanking. Is an errant blow, one which lands off its mark, more painful simply because it lands on more tender flesh or is the pain intensified by the belief that it was a mistake? Or to follow the original track of the study, does pain delivered for punishment hurt more than pain delivered for mutual pleasure?

Well, there are some interesting thoughts with which to (belatedly) start the new year. While I try not to make resolutions I do hope to spend more time tending to this little corner of the internet. I do hope you stick around to see the results!

– Emma (and Max)


About Em

A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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5 Responses to Introducing Max

  1. ^Mike says:

    Nice to have you back, Emma (and Max, “aaa-rrruff!!”), and I’m glad to “see” that you’re safe and sound. (I sent this on 1/23 but it disappeared.)Pain, when associated with pleasure, engages more than just the pain centers in the brain. The nerves still carry the impulse there, but it is also directed through a number of other areas which, when combined with endorphins, ameliorate the entire sensation. That an errant swat or smack can hurt more might be simply due to the receptors for that spot not having been rechanneled, and the shock of a strike in an unexpected place. I should think, though, that spanking a Spanko as punishment would be somewhat more problematic, and much more dependent upon the psychological side than the physical in order to achieve the desired results: are often confused by Vanillas as being people who like to beat up, or be beaten up, which is way off target. While there are probably those who disagree, for my part I think a “spanking,” per sé, is generally limited to a certain area, and pretty much excludes areas like the back, for instance. Thus the pain-pleasure centers are linked with and, I think, limited mostly to that area, both physically and psychologically. Long ago, I read a(n “ancient”=1940s era) short story wherein the narrator suspected that her teenaged niece was being frequently beaten (but the wording clearly implied ‘spanked’) by her father. Following them after the man marched her off from the dinner table, she saw the girl hopping about as her father lashed at bare her feet with his belt. While the story was interesting in itself, that scene was quite a letdown.Of course, there’s also the psychological effect induced by the spankee’s perception’s of the implements themselves. All implements are not equally pleasurable, and some are downright dreaded, which might make those implement seem all the more painful.As for producing a consistently good blog, I completely understand and sympathize. Inspiration doesn’t come with an on/off switch; you’ll have to learn to constantly be open to it. Keep your spanking-goggles –ears and radar on at all times and, like becoming an expert woodsperson, you’ll begin to see signs and hidden trails you hadn’t realized were there before.Happy hiking!

  2. Hermione says:

    Emma,It’s great that Max isn’t bothered by spankings. Our Fang will leave the bedroom if he detects any indication of sexual play of any sort. And Fluffy just doesn’t like loud noises like slaps, so he wouldn’t stick around either. Having said that, we sequester them in another part of the house while I’m being spanked. We don’t want an audience.Hugs,Hermione

  3. Stan/E. says:

    Nice to read you….

  4. Vivian says:

    Dear Emma (and Max!),This is Vivian over at The Disciplined Feminist blog.I wanted to email you, but didn't see an email address listed, so PLEASE forgive me for posting this to comments. Didn't know how else to reach you and didn't want to pass you by, either.I wanted to let you know that Variant Books is publishing the first-ever Disciplined Feminist spanking/DD book, called "How to Get the Spanking You Want: The Complete Guide to Asking for It, Getting It and Making It Better."So that as many women (and men!) have access to this information as possible, I'm reaching to other women in the community to ask for help in spreading the information about this new resource. Would you be interested in sharing this resource with your readers?You can get more info at Sincerest apologies again for posting this to comments — No offense intended!Warmest, VivianThe Disciplined Feminist

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