first time’s a charm…

My internet connection has been spotty lately, so I haven’t been able to spend much time in the blogosphere. So, for your patience, here’s the story of my very first spanking…

We met in what is so often the usual way nowadays, in internet chatrooms dedicated to the love of all things spanking, and became fast friends. We were different in so many ways; but the ways in which we were alike bonded us together and our differences infused the friendship with a flavor all its own.

Over time that friendship blossomed, spilling out of the chatrooms and into hour (or more) long conversations on the phone. Despite this bond, it was years before fate stepped in and brought us together in person. You see, Brad’s job took him all over the country wooing clients and training new sales managers, and after many years it finally brought him to me.

We were, first and foremost, friends. And so we took things slow. Dinner at a local establishment stretched on through drinks as we enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s company face to face for the first time. In fact, it stretched on for so long that we had to rush to catch the 9:30 movie next door. We lingered in the theater until the last of the credits has scrolled off the screen and the house lights came up breaking the intimacy of the dimly lit room.

The parking lot was deserted when we finally exited the building and we paused at his car, neither of us quite ready to say goodbye but knowing that he had a long drive back to the city yet that night. We embraced, his arms wrapping warmly around me, and I was pleased and disappointed all at once. Our first meeting had gone swimmingly and I wished we had more time together before real life intervened. Those thoughts and more lingered for a moment before being chased away by the feeling of his hand sliding down my back to rest gently on my bottom.

I tilted my head up, smiling, as rubbing turned to gentle patting. When the patting became a little more forceful and his grip on me became more firm I swallowed against the fluttering of butterflies in my belly and throat. It’s a hard step to take – from fantasy to reality – and I was nervous. Looking back I was probably nervous about all the wrong things. I didn’t worry that we were in a public area and anyone could have stumbled upon us at any time. I didn’t worry that it would hurt (it only did a little bit) or that it would leave marks (I discovered that night and the following days how much I love to be bruised; how I enjoy watching the marks blossom across my skin and change during the coming days). No, I couldn’t worry about those things because all of my focus was spent worrying that I would discover I was wrong. That maybe I only thought I liked this spanking thing. That maybe everything I had considered myself to be for as long as I could remember wasn’t true.

I shouldn’t have worried. Very soon, in fact, I couldn’t. Stretched across the hood of his red miata I couldn’t think of anything but the feel of the silky steel beneath me and his hand falling again and again in a delicious rhythm. It was that night that I discovered the thrill of hearing a belt pulled through it’s loops; the shock of pain then throbbing warmth that follows as it slices down against yeilding skin; the language of a body begging for more as it arches up into the strokes in silent entreaty.

No, I shouldn’t have worried at all. A lot has changed since that night many years ago. Brad & I drifted apart. Jack & I found each other. I’ve come a long way from that girl stepping off the edge for the first time but every now and then I like to go back there and remember that night and the feeling of finally knowing.


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A 30-something spanking aficionado and all around good girl :)
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13 Responses to first time’s a charm…

  1. ^Mike says:

    “The first cut is the deepest” isn’t just a line from a song, it’s also often too true. In love and other things emotional, you may never go to the same places again, in subsequent relationships, that you went with the first person. And, though you may indeed go there with another person, you won’t be the same person, so you don’t go in the same way. Hokey thinking, I suppose.At the risk of repeating myself, it’s been said that no two people ever read the same book but, if it has truly made a difference in you, you never read the same book twice.

  2. Em says:

    Mike – How true! Even with the same person I’ve found it’s impossible to recreate those truly life-altering moments.But while I can’t recreate them I can certainly relive them in the form of delicious memories, and often do. In fact, it’s also true that often distance makes the heart grow fonder…

  3. ^Mike says:

    Time and distance, in my experience, Em.

  4. Hermione says:

    Emma,What a lovely (and hot) story. Thanks for sharing.Hugs,Hermione

  5. Em says:

    hermione – glad you liked it. It’s fun to revisit some of those favorite scenes now and again.

  6. Abel1234 says:

    Lovely post.Am I alone in ending up as a result of this wanting to go and spank someone over the bonnet of a car? That’s something I’ve never done. LOL I think my darling wife may be in trouble when we go out later!

  7. sara says:

    Em, I have just found your blog. You are a fine writer and I will definitely be back!

  8. Em says:

    Abel – I do hope you'll give it a try and then report the results to us on your blog! I've never been one of those people who is hung up on certain types of cars, or even cars in general, but I admit I've had a fondness for that particular model since this experience.Sara – Thanks & welcome!

  9. Cannon says:

    I just found your blog as well. We were fleshbotted together this past week.I love your blog. This post was very beautiful and sexy.I would love to hear your feedback on mine as well.

  10. Eliane says:

    I can’t believe for your first ever spanking, you got spanked outside, in public! You’re so brave 😉

  11. Em says:

    Cannon – Hi! I hadn’t ever heard of fleshbot until your comment, thanks for the heads up! I will definitely poke my head in at your blog soon.Elaine – I don’t know if I was brave or just not thinking! Plus it was very dark. I took a few small liberties in the retelling, to make the story flow better. In truth the parking lot wasn’t quite empty when we reached it. There was one other couple saying their ahh.. fond farewells … not too far from our car. Of course, we waited patiently until they left before the spanking began. I will admit though, that after we’d waited about 5 minutes and they were still there I was so eager to get started that I would have been quite content to begin with them still hanging around. But brave? I think it was more likely a combination of enjoying the fantasy that someone might (though probably wouldn’t) see us, being too young to really know better, and having been waiting so long to be spanked that nothing was going to get in my way that night 🙂

  12. slowsong says:

    This is a lovely piece of writing. That ‘arching up into the strokes’ says it all for me!

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